Going Within

Going inside, dropping into the calm of the internal, is a way to access your higher self. You can do this in many ways: meditation, self-hypnosis, simple grounding, breathing techniques, prayer, and even sitting quietly. An 80-year old therapist I know does just that, every night, after seeing a full practice of clients who benefit from the invaluable wisdom from her years on the planet. She just sits quietly, resting her body and mind, letting the cares of her day just fade away.   That is just as meaningful and valuable as a full-blown meditation practice of hours a day. It’s as simple as your intention. If you intend to quiet yourself, you will. In the realm of the subconscious, where you go when you go inside, time is irrelevant. With the clear intention to calm and quiet your mind, you will do just that.

We may begin to expect to feel feeble as we age, to feel weaker or less than before in some significant way. Of course, this expectation can lead to a perception of weakening. Perhaps the body has been on the planet longer, and needs more care than before, but the true nature is ageless and timeless and, in fact, can evolve and become more youthful and vibrant in its expression in physical form. By going within, accessing our higher self, we actually have the experience of shedding what is vibrationally incompatible with that higher self. Hence, we take another step along the way of awakening to a full expression of our true nature.   It’s like going inside an egg, deep into the full richness of its yolk’s nutrients.

Once inside, we begin to experience rebirth. Age becomes less relevant as surrender to our higher self becomes more important. Embracing wonder and curiosity instead of anxiety, we learn that the cycles of life are less cycles than simply what is.

Katie Peuvrelle