There is a realm of co-creation. We can co create with Source, the higher power of our understanding, by choosing thoughts of love, compassion, kindness, and goodness.

As we choose thoughts - internal conversations and images - of loving kindness, we will actually find that we more fully access our true nature, our spiritual self, and from this place we create and attract more of the same. From here we can serve.

To grow into full self-expression, the full expression of our true nature, we need to commit to releasing deep held negativity and fear, anger, sadness, and guilt – from conditioning, trauma, and misunderstood situations. These withheld emotions are actually imprisoning our spiritual self.   We can overcome conditioning through conscious change, meditation, prayer, and working with the unconscious mind. Emotions are a necessary part of the human experience; the human condition requires that we experience the energy of emotion to grow, to connect, and to have intimate relationships of mutual trust and freedom of expression.

I deeply believe that the full expression of our spiritual self through love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and faithfulness, is how we serve most effectively. It is our personal responsibility to ourselves and to others to surrender as best we can to the healing of our negativity, of the darkness that limits us. If we resist, it will continue to hold our attention. If we face it, heal it, and actually see the learning available to us in it, we thrive and anything that is incompatible with the high vibration of our true nature simply falls away from our awareness.

Each of us is uniquely designed to shine our light and serve as only we can. We are unique, and yet no more special than anyone else. Our unique energetic imprint is like a drop of water in the ocean, like a snowflake’s individuality - each has its own structure, and was formed from the ocean of humanity and of Spirit.

Our body is a gift from Spirit, a blessing, a vehicle for our essence in this divine voyage called life. We have a responsibility to live fully and to care for not just our body, but also our mind, heart, and soul so that we can make that unique imprint that is us known to the world.

Our learning is that no one else can walk our path - we must walk it ourselves, hand in hand with Spirit, taking action based on our deepest spiritual principles, resting when we must, and always trusting in the power of Love. This is what I believe is inspired action. 

Sometimes we need to be still before we can move again. Sometimes we need to take radical action to bring our principles, purpose and passion to life. Sometimes we must learn to do both, flexible as Spirit embodied, bringing stillness and awareness into action.

As we trust Life, we follow the breadcrumbs Spirit leaves for us on the path of our destiny.

Katie Peuvrelle