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Katie Peuvrelle is a dynamic and soulful performance coach who guides high performers to find deep joy, professionally and personally, when they discover their own brand of excellence. For over 30 years, she has coached a diverse clientele, from driven tech executives, highly creative authors, Ivy League-bound students, professional athletes and teams to world-champion, amateur athletes in over 40 different sports. A graduate of Stanford University, she has a BA in French studies and an MA in health psychology.



Katie has literally performed miracles by inspiring our people in overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges. I can’t say enough about her work.
— Chris Trapani, founder and CEO, Sereno Group
Katie’s principles inspire faith, untapped desire and hope in a world that breeds negativity, mistrust, and survival of the fittest.... Ultimately, being human isn’t as complicated when you have the right set of instructions.
— DJT, telecom business owner, serial entrepreneur and winemaker, Silicon and Napa Valleys

About You

You’re an athlete, an entrepreneur, a creative, a thought leader, a professional, or a tech executive—and you crave more.

Katie Peuvrelle’s unique approach gives you powerful tools to surpass your goals in any area:

  • Claim your own brand of executive leadership.

  • Be the finest athlete you can imagine.

  • Take your professional performance to the next level.

  • Propel your business to new heights.

  • Bring depth to your relationships.

With Katie as your guide, discover what truly moves and inspires you. You can decide to trust the unknown and dare to step into your full capacity and unbridled joy, once and for all. You can just leap.



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Own Your Excellence and Engage Your Best Self

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Winner of the 2018 North American Book Awards

Gold Medalist, Inspirational Category